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How To Ship Your Farm's Perishables Across the Nation

Learn how to ship your farm's perishables directly to your customers' doors so you can stand out, provide the best service, and build a profitable program.


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Step-by-step guide to launching a successful shipping program


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David Boatright

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Sherry Kraay

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Jeff Smith

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We started our regenerative farm 20 years ago with zero customers and zero marketing experience. Today, Seven Sons Farms supports 35 full-time family members and staff. This team packs and ships over 1,000 boxes of frozen meats to our customers every single week.


What You'll Learn

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How to create a regional delivery zone

Start with a regional shipping zone surrounding your farm, where you already have the most awareness.

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How to choose your box template

After working with 10 packaging suppliers and running 80 thermal tests, we can make recommendations for packaging types that will not only work, but be accessible when first starting out.

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How to choose your shipping carrier

After trying out different shipping carriers over the course of three years, we can help you find a reliable shipping partner. By taking this course, you'll save money and avoid the hassle of managing shipping logistics on your own.

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Covering your costs & perfecting pricing

Discover how the ground pricing system of ShipFare and UPS works. This will enable you to plan your costs and perfect your pricing for all sales channels, not just shipping (pickups, farm stores, wholesale, and more).

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Tour of Seven Sons fulfillment process

Growth doesn't solve all of your problems — it creates newer and bigger ones. One area of shipping that can become a problem as you grow is inefficient fulfillment. In this lesson, we'll give you a full tour of our packing process and follow an order from received to shipped.

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Library of website tech tutorials

Setting up your website to manage shipping isn't easy. We've added an entire module of over-the-shoulder tech videos. Discover how to set up your pricing tiers, regional shipping zones, exclusive products, order minimums, and more.


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