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An online course to teach you the 'trade-secrets' of shipping your farm's products without breaking the bank.
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What will you do to stay relevant to competition?

The pasture-based food industry is rapidly becoming saturated with greenwashed products and online meat box startups who's goal is to steal your market share.Learn how the most successful farmers across the country are staying relevant and beating the competition by shipping products directly to their customer's doors.

3 Steps to Success

Start Small

Shipping has a lot of moving parts and it's easy to become overwhelmed before even starting. We show you the easy way to get launch quickly and affordably!

Perfect Pricing

What's the best way to charge the your customers for shipping fees? Pricing your shipping program right will be the difference between moderate success and great success!

Economies of Scale

Shipping is all about volume. The big guys can do it because of the discounts leveraged by their scale. Learn how you can level the playing field by tapping into economies of scale from day 1.

The Process

A Proven Plan to Follow Let Us Journey With You

We've walked your exact steps and we understand the demands of running a farm and balancing the time required for direct marketing.

We started our regenerative farm 20 years ago with zero customers and zero marketing experience.

It wasn't easy, it took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears but we stuck with it and today we now have 5,000 customers and a farm that supports 20 full-time family members and staff.

We want to share everything we learned with you because we know that success is possible for you too!

‍‍Shipping Results at Seven Sons Farms for the past 12 months
13,500 Boxes successfully delivered to happy customers• 65% of customers choosing to pay more for shipping vs local pickup

What You'll Learn

Get started with shipping in record time by starting with a regional shipping zone surrounding your farm where you already have the most awareness.

After working with 10 different packaging suppliers and running 80 thermal test, we're able to make recommendations for packaging types that will not only work, but be accessible when first starting out.

After 3 years of working with different carriers, we'll show you what we've learned about how to find a shipping partner that'll save you both cash, and painful headaches when it comes to managing the logistics of shipping. You don't have to do it alone.

This lesson will teach you how FedEx/UPS's ground pricing system works so that you can plan for your cost, and perfect your pricing for every sales channel you have, not just shipping (pickups, farm store, wholesale, etc.).

Growth doesn't solve all of your problems, it only creates newer and bigger ones. One area of shipping that can become a problem as you grow is inefficient fulfillment. In this lesson, we'll give you a full tour of our packing process and follow an order from received to shipped.

Setting up your website to manage shipping isn't easy. Which is why we've added an entire module of over-the-shoulder tech videos to walkthrough exactly how to setup your pricing tiers, regional shipping zones, exclusive products, order minimums & more.


20+ Video Lessons

This course offers both high-level strategies and principles that are the same for anyone who's goal is to ship perishable food products, in addition to step-by-step lessons specific to regenerative farmers.


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If you use GrazeCart to manage your shipping program, you'll receive an invitation to join our private FB Group to tap into the power of positive mind-sharing.

We've heard some user say the community has been their favorite aspect of joining our platform.


Access to Exclusive FedEx Discounts

Because of the volume of shipments we're moving at Seven Sons, we have negotiated with our FedEx shipping partners to extend bulk shipping discounts to all course students.

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Farmers Testimonies

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" You’ve been a huge help by paving the way through so many obstacles and acting as a roadmap of how to get started."

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David Boatright

Fed From The Farm

" I cannot say enough about how much help the family at Seven Sons has given to me. When I decided to move to a pasture-based operation everything I knew came from reading books and watching YouTube."

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Chris Baggott

Tyner Pond Farm

"The online store has been a lifesaver, the time saved is amazing and the rapid customer service is top notch."

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Sherry Kraay

Kraay's Market Garden

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