Let's pop the hood to the department that every successful business MUST compete in to achieve success...the Customer Service department!

The level of effort you devote here will become a major dividing line in your business.

The dividing line between:

  • ⭐ Reviews & ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reviews
  • Volatility & Resilience
  • Brand Equity & A Stained Reputation
  • Customer Churn & Customer Retention
  • A Good Business & A Great Businesses

The list could go on...

A few years ago, we stumbled across the book 'Amaze Every Customer, Every Time' by Shep Hyken. It's just over 200 pages and includes 52 practical examples for how to operationalize amazing service into your business.

I would argue it's a must-read for anyone in the B2C space!

In this episode, you'll hear Blaine and Brooks provide our take on the book, as well as the biggest breakthroughs it influenced in our business.

As Shep points out in the book, the goal is to provide such a phenomenal customer experience, that your competition thinks it's unfair to compete in the same market as you.

And that doesn't happen by chance... It's engineered.

Now, you can't transform your customer service department overnight, but my hope is that this episode provides motivation to take action toward progress.


Amaze Every Customer, Every Time by Shep Hyken

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