eCommerce designed for delivering perishables

Accept orders for nationwide shipping, local delivery, or curbside pickup. All on one store!

Shipping & Delivery

Deliver to your customer's door using your own delivery fleet, or nationwide carriers like UPS–FedEx.

Customize products, prices, and fees by different areas

Offer free-delivery thresholds to increase AOV

Save over 80% on overnight rates by using GrazeCart

Curbside Pickup

Whether you need to add a pick-up in-store option or a drop-point location for your buying club program, GrazeCart has it covered.

Unlimited locations

Add custom pickup dates & times, and more

Automate delivery reminder

Delivery Estimates

Configure your unique shipping schedule and provide shoppers with real-time delivery estimates to inspire more action.

Free Delivery Threshold

Bump your average order value with free-delivery promotion on a certain order size.

Pricing Rules

Assign pricing tiers to zones to accurately reflect your delivery cost and minimize high shipping fees, (which kill conversions rates).

Product Rules

Have certain products that won't ship? Assign them to local channels only.

Shipping Discounts

Save thousands on UPS or FedEx with our exclusive partnerships.

Custom Fees

Customize your delivery fee structure uniquely for pickup, delivery, and shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sell all my products by weight?

Nope. As you setup your products you choose whether it's sold by the unit, or by the pound.

What if I don't need to sell anything by the weight?

No worries, any item can be set up to be sold by the unit and you can process orders just like traditional eCommerce.

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