Building an Effective Tripwire

June 27, 2022

"Less is more only when more is too much"

- Frank Lloyd Wright

In this article, you'll learn about a marketing strategy that you can use to inspire more of your online visitors to take that step of making their first purchase.

It's a technique used by top digital marketing experts and even eCommerce giants such as CrowdCow & Butcher Box. It's called, the Tripwire Offer, and it works by helping your potential customers overcome analysis paralysis.

DEFINITION: The analysis paralysis is the state of over-analyzing a situation to the extent that action is never taken.

We all experience this in our daily lives. Often, it's the leading excuse behind procrastination.

With your online store, it's easy to overwhelm 1st-time shoppers with too many products to choose from. Think about how often you've had someone ask the question, "What would you recommend I start with?". They're asking for a recommendation because they're unsure.

The problem is that many, (or most) times your online visitor won't take the time to email/call to ask, and ultimately fail to take action. So, the Tripwire offer is a surprisingly simple & effective solution to this problem.

What is a Tripwire Offer?

In short, a tripwire consists of presenting the right product, to the right person, at the right time.

In the case of inspiring 1st-time orders, it's a product you've crafted specifically with new customers in mind.

What makes a good Tripwire Offer?

Regardless of what your tripwire offer consists of, we recommend following these 7 tips for best results:

1.) Remove the choices:

2.) Include Variety:

3.) Include a Wow Factory:

4.) Budget-Friendly:

5.) Kitchen Friendly:

6.) Fee-Free:

7.) Make it Profitable:


The last thing you'll need to make this work is a system for suggesting your Tripwire Offer to your leads, without creating a bunch of extra work for yourself.

This is why we built GrazeCart with a robust integration with an email automation platform like Drip. Once you've connected Drip to GrazeCart, you can create an email onboarding series, that promotes your Tripwire to every new email subscriber.

You can learn more about Drip at their website -