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In this episode I want to talk about the process of selling (what I refer to as) custom freezer beef/pork/lamb etc.

For a consumer, the steps to buy say a 1/4th beef share has been generally the same for decades.

It looks something like this:

  1. Purchase an upfront deposit for 1/4 beef
  2. Wait several weeks/months for farmer to fatten 1/4 beef
  3. Complete 1/4 beef cutting instructions
  4. More waiting...
  5. Pay the final hanging-weight invoice
  6. Drive and pick up 1/4 beef

Obviously, this is all quite a bit more work than buying a few Ribeyes from the supermarket.

Like most small farms, my family's business got its start selling beef this traditional way...

And a lot of our time went to hand-holding customers, answering repeat questions, and sending reminders about cut-instructions, invoices, pickups, etc.

Eventually, through trial & error we dramatically simplified our buying process, which produced two amazing results:

  1. We spent less time on selling beef shares on the phone & via email
  2. Yet, we started selling MORE shares

Which was a magical combination... Less work = more sales!

Join me in today's episode to learn more about what factors led to this 180° transformation.

While this episode is about selling custom meat-shares, it drives home the point that you'll always benefit from making life easier for your customers.

So even if freezer beef isn't something you sell, I'm challenging you to audit your buying process, and ask yourself the questions:

"Where can I remove obstacles that trip up potential customers from doing business with me?"

I have no doubt that untapped revenue lives behind the answers to that question!


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