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In order to compete with 'big-box' retailers, the everyday producer has to MASTER the art of building relationships. Because relationships build trust!

And that trust is the only reason to choose you vs a quick trip to the supermarket. Now, there are a handful of ways to communicate and build relationships with an audience online. Out of them all, video content is my favorite.

It's intimate, it's scalable, and it's easy to consume! But, getting in front of the camera can be intimidating 😳... Let's face it, there's no 'About Us' page or blog article that allows customers to connect with you and your story more than hearing it from your voice.

People want to do business with people. Not faceless brands. It's impossible to build relationships when hiding behind your logo. If you want simple tips on how to use video to give your operation a voice and personality, don't skip this episode.

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