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Everyone says "you can't do it alone" and that you need to recruit others to help you achieve your vision.

Which sounds great, but how do you realistically know when it's time to hire and expand the team?

You can't just hire because you need more help... You'll always need more help

Obviously, you need the financial capacity to meet payroll obligations, but financial capacity alone isn't a great indicator of when to hire.

What is critical though, is that your current team is operating at their fullest capacity before you expand. Hiring someone to do a job that needs streamlined is what creates fat in an organization.

To help with this, we're going to review three simple questions we try to ask ourselves BEFORE we recruit more help.

Each question is designed to help you identify how to streamline your role before passing it off to someone else.

Once it's a struggle to find more to improve, then you can be confident that it's time to pass that task/role to the next person.

These three questions are simple, easy to remember, and easy for the entire team to adopt as well.

Anybody can get more done with more effort... What's hard is getting more done with less effort.

And that's exactly what I hope this episode enables you to do!


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