Top 3 Tech Tools to Boost Productivity

June 27, 2022

We all know the feeling...

That feeling of relief you get the first time you use a new piece of equipment that will automate a task you spent many hours doing manual.

Things like going from: Stacking thousands of hay bales by hand --> To stacking in the new John Deere (with AC)

Or how about:

Defeathering birds by hand --> To pressing start on the new automatic chicken plucker.

Regardless of the task, that feeling of "I just became a winner" is the same. So, since most of us are starting 2021 with a larger to-do list than we started with in 2020...

In today's podcast episode, Blaine and I follow a similar theme by sharing our favorite tech tools, that can help you achieve these same moments in the virtual world.

We've had requests to make this video for a while now, and it's for good reason! Leveraging technology is one of the easiest ways to get more done with less effort!So, if you're ready to spend less time with things like:

You won't want to miss this video.

This episode also serves as a good reminder of an important truth in business. As the owner, your role is to focus on the work that nobody else in the organization can do.

That's the $100/hr work!

And to free up more time for this type of activity, I'm leaving you with this challenge... Make it a goal to implement even just one of these tools by next week.

It'll require up-front effort, but the results will be felt the rest of 2021 and beyond.