Top 3 Ways to Grow Your Email List (with Chad Graue)

June 27, 2022

"For almost all Internet businesses, your only real asset is your list." - Jeff Walker

With technology so much can change overnight. One Google update can slash your SEO rankings, or an algorithm change can hurt your reach on social media. But no one can take your email list from you and everyone needs an email to signup for basically anything online.

This makes email your most reliable method for communicating & building relationships with your customers, and therefore, your most reliable method for keeping them engaged & buying from you.

At Seven Sons, we attribute over $90 in revenue to every new email address we acquire!

Of course, it takes a lot of work & practice to get that kind of value from email, but the first step to get started is to actually start acquiring email addresses.

To help you do that, we invited our email marketing domain-expert; Chad Graue, to the show to share his top 3 tips for growing your email list.

Who is Chad Graue?

Chad is a digital marketing ninja, with a deep focus on retention marketing. In fact, when we first met Chad in 2018, the tagline on his website read "Great you have a customer, now what?".

In our first year of working together, Seven Sons grew by a whopping $1M in online sales, primarily from how Chad enabled us to get more value out of existing customers.

From that experience, Chad has gone on to help other farms produce more results from their online marketing efforts!

Chad's Top 3 List Building Tips

1.) Product Launches

Introducing new products and/or promotions is a great way to create a lot of excitement with your following. It will also naturally inspire word-of-mouth awareness for your business because people talk about exciting events.

List Building Tip: Create fun & helpful content related to your promotion that is only available to people who 'Opt-In' to a special segment of your list to learn more about it.

This ensures you don't overwhelm people on your list who aren't interested, plus it'll help you acquire new emails when new people opt-in who hear about it from places like social media.

2.) Lead Magnet

Giving people a good reason to signup on your email list might sound like a no-brainer, but many people miss this step.

And no 'Signup to Our e-Newsletter for Farm Updates' is NOT a good reason. People are very protective of their email addresses in today's world, so you're going to have to get more creative.

A Lead Magnet is the concept of giving your visitors something of value that they are actually interested in, in exchange for their email.

At Seven Sons, we invite our customers to a 'Virtual Farm Tour' to learn more about what are the most important factors in raising healthy food. Once a visitor signs-up, (via email) they'll receive several videos over the course of a few days to complete the tour.

3.) Signup to View Price

This last one is a GrazeCart exclusive tip. If your pricing & products vary depending on where your customer is located, then you'll need to find a way to communicate that on your website.

One way to accomplish this on GrazeCart, is to require an account to view pricing. To do that, the visitor will need to enter their postal-code & email, which will then allow your site to display the right pricing & products to them.

Another great by-product of this is that you've now acquired their email address as well. This might not sound like a big deal, but because every shopper must take this step, it has proven to be a very effective list building strategy.

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