"The easiest way to increase your sales is to sell new products to existing customers." - Allan Nation

There’s an allure to what’s novel. Not only can selling unconventional cuts set you apart from your competitors and increase your profits, it can make your customers feel like they’re getting something special.  When considering which cuts to sell, you want to be really deliberate. After all, a choice in one area can eliminate an option in another. When done right, it’s an easy win. You already have everything you need - you just need to know where to look. We have Dr. Allen Williams in the GrazeCast studio. For this episode, we’ll be discussing three value-adding cuts that you should be selling. If you’re not familiar with Allen, he’s a 6th generation farmer who returned to his roots as a rancher after 15 years in academia. Upon his return, he quickly became immersed in the grassfed and regenerative ag sectors. Allen is a mentor to many and a friend to the Seven Sons team. In fact, Seven Sons has seen over a $500 increase per carcass, after taking Allen’s advice on cuts.

Each of these cuts have an exceptional value, they’re easy to seam out once you know how to do it, and they offer something unique to your customers. Plus, each cut is easy to cook and certain to wow dinner guests.

Dr. William's Top 3 Beef Cuts:

1.) Teres Major; aka Mock Tender, Shoulder Tender, Butcher's Tender, or Petite Tender

Why? The Teres Major is loaded with a robust flavor and has more marbling than any other cuts. In fact, it’s the second most tender cut behind the tenderloin.

It does take a skilled butcher to harvest this cut, so you may have to work with your processor to see what’s possible. Let your processor know just how valuable this cut is, and why it’s important.

Retails for $14 to $25 per pound

2.) Culotte; aka Coulotte, Top Cap, Cap Sirloin, or Top Sirloin

Why? While the culotte often gets thrown into grind, it’s very tender.

In fact, decades ago, it used to be a “butcher’s favorite”, and you wouldn’t be able to find it for sale because butchers would take it home for their family.

Retails for $15 to $25 per pound

3.) Hanger Steak; aka Hanging Tender

Why? A hanger cut offers a deep, complex flavor with lots of marbling.

This is another one of those “butcher’s favorites” that never made it to the market. Retails for $15 to $25 per pound

Additional Tips for Selling Unconventional Cuts:


1.) Get innovative with how you market your meat!

There’s so much more to beef than ribeyes, tenderloins, and burgers. Educate your customers on the diverse offerings you carry, and why they’re a great choice.

2.) Give your customers a specific use for the cut!

Recipes are always a great way to help a curious customer see the potential in an unfamiliar cut.

3.) Include your cuts in a bundle!

Bundling some of your more novel cuts into a package with other popular cuts is a great way to get your customers better acquainted with your lesser known products.

Resources for Beef Cuts:

Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner. This site is great if you're looking for inspiration or education on cuts or if you’re looking for ideas for product descriptions

Seven Sons' Ultimate Steak Buying Guide

Additional Resources for Dr. Allen Williams:

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Soil Health Academy

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