Using Pot-Holders to Drive Customer Loyalty

June 27, 2022

Your next best customer is ALWAYS your current customer. ~ Noah Flemming

We often ask farms & GrazeCart clients "What is your single greatest challenge when it comes to direct marketing?". Many if not most will answer some version of "Acquiring more customers".

What most of us don't realize until later in business, what's even greater than our customer acquisition problem, is our customer retention problem.

Acquiring a customer is both expensive and a lot of work. But keeping a current customer coming back for more takes significantly less effort.

At the end of the day, it only takes 100 loyal customers who spend an average of $84/mo in order to create a six-figure annual revenue stream.

So, if you are like our farm (Seven Sons) was several years ago and if you're losing customers nearly as fast as you're gaining new ones, then you'll greatly benefit from turning more focus towards retention strategies.

And I believe the single greatest thing you can do to inspire loyalty is to simply create a customer experience that consistently surpasses your customers' expectations. I.e., making every possible interaction with your farm better where the used to buy their food from.

In the video above I share a few examples of ways that we've created 'magical moments' in our customer's buying journey that will hopefully inspire a few creative ideas of your own.