I've said it before... When done right, email marketing just WORKS.

At Seven Sons, we attribute over 30% of all revenue back to an email we sent. That's over 1 in every 4 purchases!

Now, a core element to email marketing success comes down to your copy-writing ability. After all, people only take action after reading words that inspire them to take action.

But most of us aren't naturally good at this... So today, we've brought back Chad Graue to break down his top three tips for improving your email copy.

Chad is our go-to guru on all things digital-marketing, and he has helped dozens of GrazeCart users transform their business with email.

I love this interview because these tips are super simple, but make world of difference.

Tune in, and improve the copy in your next email!

Improving my copy-writing ability reminds me of my days in basketball...

Training can be tough, but winning games makes it worthwhile!

I promise you when emails start generating more dollar signs, writing them becomes more enjoyable

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