The team at Seven Sons has been refining our homepage since 2005.

Why spend so much time focusing on a homepage? Your homepage is your first impression, and it's often the gatekeeper between a brief online visit and a loyal customer.

In this episode of GrazeCast, Brooks and Blaine will share three key attributes that you can use to make your homepage more engaging.

Brooks and Blaine's #1: Create a header that captures your visitors' attention!

A good banner should answer: who you are, what you offer, and what are the next steps to order. Since time is of the essence when it comes to online marketing, make this as direct and brief as possible.

To optimize time, consider enhancing your header with imagery that's captivating and helps illustrate the most important statements you want to make to your visitors. To keep the ball rolling (and streamlined), feature a call-to-action button to get folks moving to the next step.

Blaine's #2: Use good photography!

Photographs are not something to brush off, especially when it comes to photos of product. In the world of eCommerce, aesthetics are often associated with professional legitimacy.

And since your online shoppers can't feel, taste, or smell your products, visuals play a huge role in their decision to buy - so, give them something to look at!

Brooks's #2: Establish a "promise agreement"!

At Seven Sons, we call this a "promise agreement", but you can use whatever term you'd like. Think of this as a statement you're making directly to your customer that addresses any deal breakers they may have.

Use feedback from your customers to craft your promise, so you can address the specific areas that they care about.

Here's an example of Seven Sons' promise agreement:

Brooks and Blaine's #3: Showcase your social proof!

Build trust between you and your new visitors by sharing stories from other happy customers. As review readers ourselves, we know how big of an impact this can have on the buying experience.

On Seven Sons' homepage, you'll always find our latest Google Reviews (we use EmbedSocial - check them out!).

It's important to garner as much social proof as you can. Word of mouth is a great marketing tool that requires relatively little work on your end. For ideas on how to encourage more testimonies from your customers, check out GrazeCast's last episode here!  

Bonus: Lead Magnets

Instead of asking for emails, without offering anything in return, create a "give and take" system for collecting your visitors' emails.

We've all felt email fatigue. Your customers are no different and may be wary of giving their email out. Make the exchange a meaningful one by giving them something to look forward to in their inbox, like a special incentive.

At Seven Sons, we offer a virtual farm tour in exchange for emails. Here's what that experience looks like (using LeadPages):  

Additional resources:

Check out the Seven Sons website to see these tips in action: Seven Sons Farm

For additional guidance, download our Website Message Builder (found at the bottom of our Free Resources page)!

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